How to Make Money With Rainmaker

Turn your ideas into money.  Rainmaker has the best reviews for making money online by creating content you can broadcast across the web with a push of the button.  With it’s built in products you can sell memberships, downloads, e-books, whitepapers, affiliate marketing resources and  and makes it easy to make money by sharing your knowledge with the world.


Here is a short list of ways you can easily turn Rainmaker into a money machine.

1. Personal Improvement Site

It’s a great way to make money online through personal coaching.  We all know how expensive it is to hire that personal coach.  With Rainmaker you can have your members fill out a profile for areas of development.  With the purchase of a monthly membership you can provide your members with the help they need, you create it once and they get it automatically.  This is more than a automated campaign. The knowledge base that only you can provide will be at their fingertips.  If you are an expert Rainmaker will show you how to create a personalized program step by step.

2. Weight-loss Site

Do you want to make extra money as a nutritionist, dietitian or personal training?  Move your knowledge online and create a membership program that allows you to provide daily tips, video training, and nutritional blog.


3. Exclusive Coupon site

The best coupons all the time, to top subscribers for a small fee scourer the web and lay them out.  With rainmaker you can create multi-level memberships.  Your CSS feeds will keep a constant supply of new content for you to make money on your website


All in all Rainmaker has a beautiful layout, quick and easy to learn.  Very smooth transitions and an intuitive design makes it a joy to use.   Everything in it’s place like a well organized home, makes it easy for you to be creative and focus on what is important, creating good content across multiple channels.




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